Importance of One to Many Option in an ERP

Before looking at a real business scenario, let me explain about the One to Many Option. This can be a very useful feature for manufacturing companies. All though One to Many option is there to convert Bulk quantities in to many small quantities, this can be very useful for manufactures, even to apply this to their main production.

For Example, if a manufacturer wants convert 1,000kg of Sugar in to 100g and 200g bags, this feature would be an ideal scenarios; however, this can be used in much more complex scenarios.

If they procure their raw materials in liquid form and after processing it, the final product comes in the form of solids, this can be also managed via One to Many Option. Also, the by-products produced during the processing can be identified with this option as well if required

Sometimes such conversions seems very easy, but it is important to see it’s impact on the inventory.

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