Prestige Asia Technologies exclusive strategic partner in Sri Lanka for Marg ERP of India

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Prestige Asia Technologies Ltd. has become the exclusive Strategic Partner in Sri Lanka for Marg ERP Ltd. of India.

Since its inception in 2017, the rapid growth of Prestige Asia Technologies has been a tremendous success. Prestige Asia Technologies has embarked on many new projects with its newly introduced Marg ERP 9+, acquiring some major accounts in Sri Lanka.

At this juncture, Prestige Asia Technologies continues to acquire more partners Island wide in order to promote Marg ERP 9+ in the small to medium sector.

Prestige Asia Technologies Director commented, “We are happy to partner with Marg ERP which is the market leader in the Indian ERP arena (SME) in order to promote their products coupled with Prestige Asia Technologies’ services island wide.”

Not only in large conglomerates and lager businesses have the needs of amalgamating their different departments while trying to streamline their business processors, but also small to medium businesses are in need of proper Enterprise Resource Planning systems.

Furthermore, being able to afford a world class ERP solution would be essential for the small to medium Sector businesses. Therefore, Prestige Asia Technologies along with Marg ERP would be more than happy to help clients island-wide in order to streamline their business processors while enhancing their productivity.